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Germany transition period agreed for iGaming

German lawmakers have agreed to permit online casino games in Germany, on the premise that operators comply with the term of the regulatory framework due to come into effect from 1st July 2021.

30 Sep 2020 AUTHOR: Shenaly Amin

The agreement made by the country’s 16 Minister-presidents, states that operators will be permitted to continue offering online slots. Poker and sports betting will also be allowed given they ensure they comply with the player protection guidelines and addiction prevention measure set out in the German State Treaty (GluNeuRStv) by the 15th October.

For online slots, a €1 per spin stake limit will be enforced. For sports betting, operators will be required to limit in-play betting markets to next goal scorer and final results only. Online table games such as blackjack and roulette, will not be permitted in the transition period. These products must already be offered separately to online slots. 

A blanker €1,000 monthly spending limit will be applied to all players, however this can be increased if users apply for a higher limit. An increase on spend limit will only be permitted provided a maximum bet amount is set for the player alongside a special loss limit, preventing them from losing a maximum of 20% of their spend. Operators will also be allowed to grant 1% of their total register player base with a spending cap of between €10,000 and €30,000. 

A breach of the above terms will result in a withdrawal of temporary authorisation and will most likely see the operator blocked from securing a license from July next year. During this transition period, efforts to block illegal operators will be increased, targeting sports book operators that did not apply for a licence under the third amendment State Treaty.

The transition period aims to end a period of uncertainty for the gambling industry, after efforts to finally implement the third amended State Treaty on Gambling for 18 months ahead of the GlüNeuRStV coming into force failed.