Canadian gambling legislation leaves much to our own interpretation, is there a need for further regulation?

The casino and gaming industry in this country has a very complex history.

What do we currently know?

To date several forms of land-based gambling have been legalised by the Canadian government. The same applies to a few forms of Internet gambling. However, some laws related to casino and gaming services provided by companies based overseas are yet unclear.

Online Gambling

When it comes to online gambling, companies are not allowed to operate online casinos or poker rooms in Canada, however most trusted offshore companies licensed by the MGA and UKGC support online casinos in Canada.

The Criminal Code of Canada

This bill defines gambling and conducting any gaming activities in Canada as illegal. However, the provinces are able to operate, regulate and grant licenses to certain casinos, including web-based ones.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission
This regulatory body is entitled to issue licenses and regulate several web-based casinos, as well as online poker rooms and sportsbooks. In order to receive a license, casinos are required to meet certain criteria.

Where do we stand?

Web-based casino and gaming operations have always been considered as a grey area in Canadian law. According to the Criminal Code, hosting a gambling website in Canada is illegal. However, every province has the permission to legalise specific types of gambling that may be “operated on or through a computer” within their borders. Thus opening the door for each Canadian province to decide on the matter of legalising online gambling operations within its own confines.


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