Norway Regulator Lottstift Remove over 200 Operators from its Register

The Norwegian regulator responsible for policing gambling in Norway, Lottstift ( Lotteri- og stiftelsestilsynet ), have announced the removal of 211 organisations from its register of gambling operators.

This move has come about due to the operators who were approved to offer bingo and lottery games, failing to file their accounts within a specified time frame set by Lottstift.

A press release issued on Lottstift’s site on the 4th October 2019 which can be viewed here, states that  there were 211 voluntary organisations that did not submit accounts before the given deadline. This has resulted in Lottstift deleting these organisations from their lottery register.

Of the 211 organisations that have been subsequently removed, 51 of them were licensed to organise large lotteries or offer bingo games.

In addition all operators which have had their license to operate in Norway removed, will now have to wait for a period of 6 months, from the 1st October 2019, before they are able to reapply for a licence to operate in the country.

Currently there are over 5,000 organisations and operators in Norway listed on the country’s lottery register.

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