2018 / 2019 Gambling Commission Enforcement Report

The Gambling Commission have this morning released their ‘Enforcement Report’ for the year 2018 – 2019, which is the second year running they have complied and released such a report.

In total numbering 30 pages, which you are able to download and read for yourself here, the report introduced by Chief Executive Officer Neil McArthur makes for interesting reading. The one thing that stands out quite clearly is the fact that the Gambling Commission have over the past year levied penalties on UK licensed operators totalling some £19.6m.

No doubt iGaming operators and to a lesser extent their affiliate marketing partners will sit up when reading those figures. Indeed McArthur in the report’s introduction states: “We want as many people as possible within the gambling industry to read this report. More than anything, the report is intended to be a support tool which the industry can use and digest the lessons to be learned for the future. “

Certainly with those figures involved, operators  will take incredibly seriously their responsibilities, if they were not doing so already, to ensuring they adhere to all regulatory frameworks in place that they have to comply with.

Anti Money Laundering receives  coverage as this is an area where the Gambling Commission have taken action against operators this year.  The report  does  provide a good practice health check for good measure. Plus there is detailed coverage on marketing and advertising. Another area where some operators have received a shot across the bows from the Gambling Commission during the past year.

Interestingly over the past week, operators have been warned by the Gambling Commission with regards the availability of free play casino games on their sites and also the sites of those affiliates that market their brands. Such games as a result of a revision to the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice ( LCCP )  which occurred on 7th May, are now required to have a ‘suitable’ age verification system in place. If of course they can be accessed from within the UK.

This week therefore has seen many iGaming Affiliate Programs send out notifications to their affiliates, reminding them of their obligations in this regard. As the operator is ultimately held responsible by the Gambling Commission if a suitable age verification system is not in place and not the affiliate.

As Neil McArthur commented in his introduction to the Enforcement Report: “The aim of our enforcement work is to protect consumers and the wider public and to raise standards in the gambling industry through targeted actions that drive a culture where operators”

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