Advertising Standards Authority Censure Operator over Adwords Ad

The Advertising Standards Authority have this morning censured an online casino operator for using google adwords to promote an online slot game, that the ASA felt could attract the interest of children under 18.

The adwords advertisement in question was published by 32Red and targeted the search term ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ in relation to the slot game developed by NetEnt of the same name.

In light of the changes to the LCCP that came into force on 7th May concerning the promotion of free play games only to those individuals of 18 and over, plus the fact that games deemed ‘high risk’ are to be kept away from minors, 32Red employ an age verification system.

The game in question did not at any time appear to those people who may have clicked the sponsored adwords advertisement. However, in this instance the Jack and the Beanstalk game had been included on their website’s list of slot games in error. As soon as this issue was brought to the casino’s attention, 32Red ceased the adwords advertisement for this term.

The ASA welcomed the prompt action taken by 32Red once the issue was brought to their attention and reminded the operator to ensure no future instances occur.

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