Free Play Games for UK Residents a No Go

After 7th May earlier this year, the facility for iGaming operators and also their affiliates  to provide free play casino games to their visitors who reside in the UK is no longer allowed, unless a suitable age verification system has been put in place.

The changes in this particular area to the LCCP ( License Conditions and Code of Practice ), came about due to concerns that free play casino games and the unrestricted ability to play them, was encouraging under age gambling.

Operators who hold a license from the UKGC have been quick off the mark to deal with this change, whereby visitors to their sites now have to register and open an account, verifying their age as part of the KYC process, before being able to play any of the free to play games available.

However, the area of concern is of those affiliate sites which have as of yet not made the necessary changes.  Thus still allowing UK visitors to play casino games for free, whilst promoting an otherwise compliant iGaming operator or operators.

The Gambling Commission have made it very clear, that if a affiliate marketing partner is in breach of these new conditions concerning the access to free play games without a suitable age verification method, then ultimately the advertised operator would be held to account.

The affiliate programs of the UK facing operators have been proactive in the main, contacting their affiliate partners and stressing the need to remove access to free play games to their UK visitors. Most affiliate sites have been compliant, with some introducing geo targeting, whereby all UK traffic is blocked from accessing any and all free play game content.

However, there are no doubt some affiliate sites, whereby the message concerning the publishing of free game content to their respective UK traffic has fallen through the cracks as it were.

Therefore as a result of the need for operators to be able to identify sites which still promote free game content to UK residents, Rightlander has come up with a helpful solution. With Rightlander setting up reports for clients to help detect where freeplay games still exist with their links present.

This facility will enable Rightlander’s clients to ensure that their affiliate partners remain compliant with the current and present regulations laid down by the UKGC.

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