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Gambling Commission and Non Approved ADR’s

Over the past couple of weeks there has been some debate on various player focused online casino forums and the ability for players to use Alternative Dispute Resolution services. Now, to be licensed by the Gambling Commission here in the UK, operators have to as part of their license agreement, designate a UKGC approved ADR. The purpose being so that should a dispute with a player and a UKGC licensed operator arise, players have the recourse to take their complaint to said nominated ADR.

All well and good, yes? Well, it transpires that UKGC operators are using the fact that they have a designated UKGC approved ADR as an excuse to not deal with other ADR’s which are not listed as approved by the Gambling Commission.

So is this an actual issue so to speak? I mean does this provide iGaming operators with a loophole to not deal with respected third parties such as Casinomeister for example, who have a track record over the past twenty years in dealing with player disputes? Or should sites like Casinomeister actually jump through the necessary hoops laid out by the Gambling Commission and obtain approved ADR status from the UKGC?

Well this is a topic that the site visited earlier this week, in their piece Does the UKGC Ban “non-approved” ADR’s?, which in itself is well worth two minutes of your time to read and digest. For those who are unaware, up until the summer of 2017 was a listed approved UKGC ADR, which UK licensed iGaming Operators could list as their ADR of choice.

ThePogg quickly points out that operators have to adhere to the UKGC License Conditions and Code of Practice (LCCP), an 82 page document which if you so wish, can review here. Within the code of practice rules are laid out concerning complaint management and also the licensees responsibilities in reporting to the regulator, the UKGC, ADR’s used.

In summary and after a considered appraisal ofthe License Conditions and Code of Practice, ThePogg forms the view that the “UKGC are not quietly prohibiting licensees from engaging with other ADRs.

With ThePogg coming to the conclusion that the “UKGC are not intending for their licensees to be restricted from resolving complaints via channels other than their approved and chosen ADR as long as this is the player’s choice and not something the operator have encouraged.” 

Further adding that they will be naming and shaming any operator that decides to hide behind ‘Data Protection’ as grounds for not liaising with an ADR that is not UKGC listed.

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