Germany moves ahead in agreement of the new Interstate Treaty

Last week, leaders from all German states approved a unified framework which will legalise online casino and poker from July 2021. These laws must now be officially consented by each state parliament and the European Commission. 

Not many changes have been made to the third  Interstate Treaty (IST) which was agreed in principle in January. The bill sets out to legalise Sports betting, Online Poker and Online Casino games including slots, however this will come with significant restrictions. 

The deposit limit of €1.000 put in place across all providers first included in the third state treaty, will remain mandatory. Slots will be required to have a €1 per spin stake limit and must be offered separately to table games with no jackpots. And sports betting will see live betting markets limited on the final result or next scorer. 

The treaty also states that operators will not be allowed to advertise between the hours of 6am and 9pm. 

The GlüNeuRStV will come into force in July 2021. Until then the third State Treaty remains in place and the market will stay limited to online betting.

Although regulating the German market is a big step forward, critics believe that such restrictions will lead to a bigger majority of online gamblers turning to the black market. 


Posted in United Kingdom.