Marketing and Compliance

An email was sent out recently by the Gambling Commission concerning compliance with the regulations laid down by the commission and the marketing activities undertaken by licensees. In the email the UKGC focused on the need for licensees to put compliance with their regulations above everything else, including the marketing activities an operator undertakes.

“The role of regulatory compliance carries responsibility for ensuring that the licensee acts in accordance with its regulatory obligations and that the licensee puts the licensing objectives at the heart of its operations.”

It is therefore of paramount importance that operators ensure any promotions of their products, carried out either by themselves or their affiliate marketing partners, are mindful of the regulations they must adhere to.

The Gambling Commission has raised concerns that within smaller operations,  that the role of overseeing compliance activities is shared by the same individual or individualss who also perform the marketing function of the operator.

The UKGC is clear on the fact that compliance with all of it’s regulations should be at the forefront of an operator’s thinking and marketing activities.

With the UKGC stating in the same email: “In some circumstances where an operator is small scale with three or less individuals in key functioning roles, there may be some cross-over with the compliance role.”

“In these cases we would expect evidence to show that this had been thoroughly considered and that adequate measures were applied to deal with any conflict. “

The key here is to ensure  to avoid any doubt or potential conflict of interest between the marketing and compliance departments, that the Licence Conditions and Code of Practice are considered a priority above anything else.

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