Ian Sims

Tracking Affiliate Activity Through Self Service Monitoring Systems

On the 13th November 2019, Rightlander Founder, Ian Sims, gave a presentation to the KnowNow Responsible Marketing for Online Gambling Operators Conference, which was held at Prospero House in London. The presentation covered the issues around affiliate marketing and compliance.

In many jurisdictions, operators are deemed responsible for their affiliate’s marketing activities. Guidelines are ultimately aimed at ensuring marketing messages do not mislead consumers and vulnerable players are protected.

Although many of the guidelines take a common sense and often logical approach, a lot is deliberately left to interpretation (Strict rules can create loopholes).

For many companies it is not practical to manually check every page of content that an affiliate produces, to ensure it is compliant so a lot of unethical and misleading content has been published.

You can view Ian’s presentation below to find out how operators can reduce their risk using compliance monitoring tools such as Rightlander.

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