Credit Cards

UKGC Consultation on Gambling with Credit Cards

The UKGC commenced a consultation process with regards being able to gamble online using credit cards as a method of deposit on the 14th August. The consultation process which will run until 6th November later this year, is a result of calls to ban the practice of players being able to use forms of credit to fund their gambling activity online.

Earlier this year the Gambling Commission called for evidence on gambling with credit cards between the months of February and May. This came about after advice from the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board, that gambling with borrowed monies was an established risk factor.

Subsequently the Gambling Commission have been in receipt of 110 responses from debt relief charities, operators and financial services firms, all of whom have provided evidence that the use of credit cards when gambling, can and does contribute towards gambling harm.

The Gambling Commission last month produced a report highlighting the responses they have received, which you can view here.

Having considered and reviewed the responses they have received, the decision to commence the consultation process concerning the use of credit cards when gambling was agreed.

With the UKGC having been persuaded that there could indeed be risks associated with the activity, the purpose of the consultation process will be to collate further evidence of this fact. In addition to understanding as to why some gamblers choose to use credit cards as a method to fund their gambling activity.

Furthermore the UKGC acknowledges that there could well be unintended consequences should action on credit cards be taken in isolation. Individuals and organisations are also welcomed to provide their own experiences and view on the use of credit cards when gambling. To do so, you can visit this page here on the UKGC site.

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