1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Brands in certain regulated markets are often held responsible for their affiliates' marketing strategies but the volume of pages that need to be regularly monitored and the level of scrutiny required to ensure accuracy makes it an impractical manual process. There are several tools out there such as Rightlander who help brands monitor affiliate & publisher websites to ensure compliant brand marketing.

    It is important to note that Rightlander itself does not make compliance decisions: it simply provides URL locations which contain potentially non-compliant content that could have regulatory consequences for both brand and/or publisher.

    For publishers, there are several benefits to be gained from automated compliance scanning:

    1. Brands can evaluate content quickly, expediting publisher content approval and rapidly increase affiliate ROI
    2. It allows brands to quickly notify you of discrepencies which could mislead consumers, invite regulatory scrutiny and/or damage your integrity
    3. It helps foster trust between the publisher and the brand to enable a relationship to thrive and grow

    Rightlander works with leading affiliate networks and brands to assist them with identifying non-compliant content so that they can pro-actively stay ahead of the game.

  2. The Crawler Rightlander only sends one crawler at a time to scan a site initially and it is designed to crawl at a fairly slow speed (typically 1 page every 5-10 seconds on the average site) to avoid putting unnecessary strain on slow servers. The crawler works sequentially, only crawling one page at a time and usually visits each site once a month. There are rare instances when more than one crawler may be on a site if different Rightlander clients have requested scans of different content.

  3. Authorising Access You may have been contacted by one of your partners to authorise access to Rightlander's compliance crawler. We have specific identifiable UserAgents, IP ranges or specific IP addresses that we can provide to you via your partner to assist with access and identification. Please request these from your brand or network partner.

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