Rightlander for Operators

The Starter plan and the Enterprise plan for larger brands.

Two plans: Starter & Enterprise

Rightlander allows you to define your own criteria & opt-in to compliance alerts

Monitor your affiliates
Be aware when potentially non-compliant content is used to market your brands
Track down old offers
Find old bonus offers and promotions that are still being used to promote you
Monitor the use of T&Cs
Check that significant terms are present next to exit links and age-gated warnings.
Brand reputation monitoring
Search for brand mentions and sentiment driven keywords.
Find relevant pages
Find all pages that link to your brand on marketing partner sites.
See linking creative
Use our image reports for visual snapshots of assets being used to link to your brands.

Rightlander - Pick a Plan

Features Starter Enterprise Details
  from £1,000 per month Talk to us!  
Annual Subscription Cost  
Additional brands  
Affiliate sites scanned from the UK (UK database). Includes site discovery module  
Give Rightlander sites to scan  
Other countries and geographies We work in 35 countries as well as individual states in the USA
Key Reports
Responsible Gambling Affiliate pages that do not appear to mention one or more of 18+, Begambleaware or T&Cs
'Life Changing' terms Affiliate pages that suggest that gambling can improve your lifestyle or your appearance.
Non-Compliant Terms in Anchor Text to Brand Affiliate pages that use any of the words 'free','risk' or 'now' (or derivatives) in the anchor text to the brand
Time sensitive calls to action Affiliate pages that use the words 'now', 'limited' or 'expire' (or derivatives) in text-based calls to action
Linking images  
Brand On / Not On Homepage Affiliate sites that do or don't link to the brand from the home page
Outdated Offers and Promotions 1 Tracks down where old offers and bonuses are still being used to promote your brand
Affiliate Site Mapping Linking ownership of newly discoverd sites to existing sites
Custom Reports
Significant Terms Matching Reports that scan affiliate sites for the inclusion or absence of a specific terms and conditions, usually in association with headline offers.
Partial Phrase Matching Reports Reports showing % of phrase match included on affiliate site, usually used when evaluating the use of T&C's
Brand Presence for Specific Jurisdictions Reports pages that reference or link to your brand from within jurisdictions that may have retsrictions on advertising
Custom Phrases and Terms Reports showing pages that contain any combination of words or phrases that you define as having compliance connotations