Compliance Reports

Designed To Help You Work Faster

Most of our clients provide us with a list of affiliate site URLs which we then scan each month. The first step is to filter out the pages which reference your brands, saving you the headache of going through every page on the website. Each Rightlander scan then looks for a variety of specific conditions and events on these pages and the reports are sent to you daily or weekly and made available to the affiliate (if they are registered with Rightlander).

Each report is provided in an open CSV format to enable your team to work offline, keep notes and store the reports for audit trail purposes. With most reports, you don't even need to log in to Rightlander to get the data as they are sent to your designated team members directly. Here are the reports we currently provide our clients (May 2020).

  • Brand Links & References Report: These are the standard single website reports that show the page locations where one or more specific brand names are either linked or referenced by the affiliate. These are refreshed every month and available via a log in.
    Primary Benefit: To quickly identify relevant pages and for speeding up the white-listing of affiliate sites within your program.
  • Hidden & Defunct Sites Report: Rightlander discovers new affiliate sites which link to or reference your brand that you were unaware of. It also weeds out affiliate sites registered in your system that are no longer active and provides a report containing this data.
    Primary Benefit: Find sites that link to you that you were unaware of. Prune your affiliate database of sites that no longer exist.
  • Expired Headline Offers: Alerts you to pages that are promoting old offers, bonuses or promotions that have been superceded or retired.
  • Signficant Terms Report: Alerts you to pages that send traffic to your brands using headline offers and either do or don't (your choice) contain the significant T&C's. This report can also be configured to show a percentage accuracy of the T&C's if preferred.
  • Anchor Text Report: Custom alerts to monitor for specific words or phrases used in anchor text to any of your brands (ie: "risk free", "free bonus" etc, etc). Each report covers the affiliate websites scanned in the previous 24 hours and alerts are delivered to you daily.
  • Linking Images Report: This is a PDF report that can be generated daily or weekly and shows pictures of creative, banners or pictures being used by affiliates to link to your brands. It reports on all affiliate sites in a single report and shows pictures found since the last report was sent. It is accompanied by a CSV report which shows the image URLs and page locations.
    Primary Benefit: Quickly identify where affiliates are using outdated promotions, images which are non compliant and where images are hosted by the affiliate rather than the affiliate program.
  • Phrase Report: You can provide us with any words or phrases to search for when we scan an affiliate site. This also allows for conditionals and variations (ie: where page contains the phrase "100% bonus" but doesn't mention the phrase "T&Cs", "T And Cs" or "Terms & Conditions").
    Primary Benefit: So many! Typical uses are to ensure affiliates are displaying significant terms, to check if old bonuses and promotions are still being displayed and to ensure affiliates are not using text that relates winning to emotion.
  • Time Sensitive CTA Report: Checks whether affiliates are using any 'Calls To Action' which entice players using time-sensitive text such as "Bet Now" or "Sign Up Quick!".
    Primary Benefit: This directive was handed down by the UKGC and operators can use these reports to demonstrate compliance with the guidelines.
  • Homepage Exposure Report: Produces a report for all affiliate sites being scanned that identifies where a brand is or isn't being referenced or linked to from the homepage.
    Primary Benefit: Identify sites where brand awareness may attract more attention from regulators.
  • Priority Pages Report: Produces a report for all affiliate sites being scanned that shows you pages where a specific brand name is used in the page URL.
    Primary Benefit: Identify pages which are closely associated with a brand and may require additional compliance checks.
  • Affiliate Compliance Engagement Report: This report is designed to show where a site appears not to be engaged in the compliance processes by identifying a lack of compliance signals (ie: 18+, begambleaware).
    Primary Benefit: To identify affiliates who may be resistant to compliance or not involved in regulated markets.
  • Marketing Tools & Link Report: This report is designed to look for text in URLs on affiliate sites. For example, if an affiliate program provides data feeds, creatives in iFrames or T&C links that can be referenced directly, the scan can find these links.
    Primary Benefit: To identify affiliates who are linking to specific widgets, XML feeds, data feeds or old, outdated, redundant or deprecated affiliate program tools that may be non-compliant or misleading.
  • Custom Reports: We regularly create custom reports for our operator clients who have specific requirements regarding affiliate website compliance. If there is something you'd like Rightlander to look for, we will do our best to try and incorporate it into the compliance scanning process.