Rightlander for Affiliates

Landing page monitoring & monthly site compliance reports

** Now scanning from multiple jurisdictions **

Including: The UK, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, The USA, Australia, Germany and more...
Rightlander landing page scans show you pictures of all the landing pages and destinations you are sending your traffic to at any given moment from within any one of 35 jurisdictions. It does this by scanning your website for affiliate links, following each one to its final destination and taking a screenshot. It also collects and analyses data and page content and uses image recognition technology to alert you when a landing page has broken or when a landing page has changed to the point of losing relevance.

In addition, it provides you with compliance reports which show you pages on your site that contain content which operators and regulators may deem to be non-compliant. Try our no-obligation free trial on your website.

EXAMPLE: An annual Premium Subscription provides 4 landing page scans and monthly compliance reports. You can add more sites and more landing page scans for just £39.99 per scan.

* Affiliates with more than 10 sites will benefit substantially from an Enterprise Subscription. Please contact us for more details.
How it works
When you sign up to Rightlander and add a site, our spider will firstly crawl your site(s) and find all of your monetised and affiliate links. It will then follow each link to find it's final resting place, take a screenshot and build you a complete "landing page library", alerting you when it's ready to view. You'll then be able to quickly spot the broken links that are costing you customers.
Don't know what you need?
We recommend everyone starts with the FREE TRIAL so you can see what Rightlander can do for you first-hand: there is no obligation to buy a subscription and you'll have the immediate benefit of seeing any landing pages which are broken or have changed so much that your customers won't see the relevance.
Compliance Data
You can access your compliance data free on either a Premium or a Free Trial subscription. Enterprise users can also opt in to alerts which email you a full report in a formatted Excel file after each scan of your sites is completed.