Discover Content

Protecting the perceived value and integrity of your brand(s) is a complex and dynamic challenge that has become an important boardroom topic.

Rightlander helps advertisers to discover undisclosed affiliate content across key marketing channels to reduce the risk of brand damage and regulatory infractions.

Identify Partner Traffic Sources 

Marketing partners are compensated for converting traffic, and even with best intentions it is possible that content might not be disclosed. Rightlander helps advertisers to identify the originating source of affiliate traffic to ensure that it's via approved channels, with the correct messaging and in line with regulatory, partnership, product and offer guidelines.

Uncover Affiliate Content Across Multiple Channels

The use of online marketing channels can be limited or prohibited in certain industries. When permitted, affiliate activities must comply with the specific rules outlined by advertisers and regulators. Rightlander's always on solutions gives clients the peace of mind that their brand is being presented correctly by uncovering any hidden risks within affiliate content across websites, social media, PPC ads and video streaming.

Review Prioritised Infractions Efficiently 

Discovering unknown brand risks requires more than periodically checking the top search results in Google. Leveraging Rightlander’s proprietary technology and an experienced analyst team, we scan and analyse millions of web pages, ads, emails and videos every month from different countries. Clients then review and remediate prioritised results using Rightlander's intuitive online portal, filtering results based on content type (text, images, links, video) and industry specific reports.