Marketing Compliance for Brand Protection Suppliers

Helping brand protection suppliers to expand their value proposition and maintain compliant, accurate and competitive marketing for their clients.

Why Brand Protection Suppliers Should Automate Marketing Compliance

Brands are responsible for delivering more than high quality products and services. The average consumer is now much more savvy about their legal rights and has more frequent touch points with organisations online. As such, brands must closely govern how they are advertised by marketing partners to maintain compliance with regulations and partnership agreements and to uphold a consistent brand identity.

Rightlander helps brand protection suppliers to differentiate their offering and monitor more than third party infringements by evaluating undisclosed and targeted affiliate content for risk. Rightlander's agile technology enables brand protection suppliers to automate recurring checks for things like offer accuracy, inclusion of T&Cs, prohibited terms, association with bad actors, product description completeness and channel specific rules such as brand bidding in PPC.

Supporting The Full Marketing Partner Lifecycle

Advertisers must have well defined, repeatable marketing compliance controls to protect consumers, adhere to increasingly stringent advertising rules and improve go-to-market speed. Rightlander helps brand protection suppliers to achieve this on behalf of their clients with automated solutions across the full marketing partner lifecycle. These include identifying recruitment opportunities, screening for approval, verifying live offers and their landing pages, discovering undisclosed content, monitoring offers for compliance and accuracy, and surfacing competitor offers for comparison. In doing so, brand protection suppliers save their clients time, reduce their risk and help to increase partners’ conversions.

How It Works

Monitoring content sufficiently across multiple digital marketing channels is a complex and time consuming process. Rightlander’s proprietary technology and experienced analyst team scan and analyse millions of web pages, ads, emails and videos every month from different countries. Clients then filter and review prioritised results using Rightlander's intuitive online portal, or via an API integration, to make decisions efficiently with supporting evidence.