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Rightlander is capable of monitoring content globally. Currently our scans are focused on content across most of Europe, North America, Australasia and other regulated territories such as South Africa. We can scan in most non-Asian languages and use local IP addresses to report accurate, geo-targeted results.
Rightlander welcomes clients from all verticals, large or small. We partner with advertisers, affiliates and B2B organisations such as affiliate networks, digital agencies and brand protection suppliers. If you need help automating any part of the marketing partner lifecycle please let us know (engagement, screening content, verifying live offers, discovering & monitoring your offers or comparing others' offers).
Please refer to our pricing page and contact us to discuss your requirements further.
  • We will focus your time on making decisions, rather than setting up or learning complex technology and battling inaccurate, low priority data.
  • We are an agile, technology led organisation who has the in-house expertise to deliver high quality data and customised solutions quickly.
  • We help clients to automate solutions across the entire marketing partner lifecycle and across more marketing channels.
Rightlander can scan at daily, weekly or monthly intervals depending on your objective and the marketing channel you are monitoring. Clients can also request to rescan content out of cycle via Rightlander's portal
Rightlander monitors an expanding list of key marketing channels. These currently include partner websites (affiliate, reseller, merchant), infringing websites, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others), email, PPC ads (Google), Instant Messengers (Telegram) and video (YouTube, Twitter)
Rightlander can scan text, hyperlinks, images, emojis and video content. We can scan text and video content in multiple languages, specify parameters to report in hyperlinks and their redirects, and apply optical character recognition (ocr) to identify text or graphics within images.
Rightlander monitors keywords multiple times per day, from different locations and on different devices to uncover brand bidding, unauthorised ad-copy, direct-linking and black hat PPC.
Yes, every client is trained and supported by Rightlander's dedicated experienced Customer Success team. After you are satisfactorily onboarded, you can communicate with us via phone, email, Skype or live chat on our website during business hours. Rightlander also provides clients with video tutorials on how to use each solution to refresh your memory or pass to new members of your team. Visit our Customer Care page to learn more