Verify Promotions

Online promotions with inaccurate product descriptions, missing T&Cs or inconsistent branding can expose organisations to unnecessary risk.

Rightlander reduces the administrative overhead of manually verifying approved content on partner websites by simplifying the review and record management process.

Seamlessly Validate Live Offers 

Affiliate marketing allows advertisers to increase their exposure to new audiences, grow brand awareness and drive new revenue streams. To prevent exposing advertisers to unnecessary risks, and to maximise conversions, it is imperative that marketing partners do not abuse their creative license and stray too far from approved copy. Rightlander helps advertisers to validate the presence and accuracy of approved offers, verify the resulting landing pages and store evidence of webpages for future reference.

Ensure Your Brand Is Represented Correctly

Your brand is arguably your most important asset. In addition to verifying live offers for regulatory risks and accuracy, Rightlander also ensures that marketing partners follow your brand guidelines. Brand guidelines include a specific set of rules and standards that enable partners to correctly use your branding elements and intellectual property to accurately represent your brand. When done correctly, marketing partners will communicate a consistent brand identity that is quickly recognisable and trustworthy.

Remove Instances Of Unauthorised Brand Use

In regulated industries, it is important that affiliates drive traffic via approved channels, with the correct messaging and follow brand, product and offer guidelines. In addition to verifying the presence and accuracy of live offers, Rightlander also helps clients to discover brand exposure and active affiliate links on content that has not been authorised. This includes promotions on undisclosed web pages, social media, PPC ads and video streams.