Rightlander helps brands & affiliates stay compliant

Our site scanner & compliance alerts help many of the top operators and affiliates stay compliant across multiple regulated jurisdictions

Rightlander tackles three core challenges:

Affiliate Compliance
Check affiliate compliance
across 35 territories.
Cost Reduction
Reduce marketing & compliance team time by using automated tools.
Risk Detection
Reduce risk of illegal or
non-compliant activity.

Rightlander is being used right now by top brands:

  • We help you define non-compliant content (incorrect marketing assets, missing terms & conditions, significant offer terms and creative). Rightlander then continually scans marketing partner websites finding content that requires attention
  • Our site scanner technology finds and alerts you to sites that link to your brand that you may not be aware of
  • We scan millions of web pages each month and search Google to identify new & prominent sites
  • We discover & analyse affiliate website data and links enabling you to maintain a complete audit trail
  • Fast, comprehensive & accurate with customisable reports & fast-track 'compliance alerts' sent to your key staff
  • Scanning from within multiple territories including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, various US States & most other regulated territories