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Affiliate Marketing Compliance in Regulated Industries

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their affiliates and marketing partners adhere to strict regulatory advertising guidelines. When marketing infractions occur, they are broadcast quickly online with an immediate impact to a brand’s equity. Violations can also be costly through regulatory fines, investigations, compensation, lost revenue and disrupted operations.

Focus Your Time on Decision Making

At Rightlander, we are committed to removing the stress of manually checking affiliate content and increasing the time our clients spend on decision making. Our automated controls help to complete repetitive tasks across the affiliate marketing lifecycle and maintain business continuity following staff turnover.

Scaling a Compliant Affiliate Program

Evaluate current affiliates and prospective applicants for compliance risks, analyse traffic trends, and gauge marketing potential. Save valuable time, avoid precarious channels, discover overlooked opportunities, and establish a compliant and scalable affiliate program. By minimising risk, you can maximise revenue.

Our Solutions

We monitor your marketing partners for you

Rightlander analyses millions of web pages, posts, ads and videos every month from different countries to identify affiliate marketing that does not comply with industry, partnership or product guidelines.

Clients then review and remediate prioritised results via Rightlander's online portal, or via API integration, to reduce business risk, save time and develop their partnerships with confidence.

  • Monitor - Maintain compliance within industry, partnership and offer guidelines 
  • Discover - Find undisclosed content to assess risk and uncover new traffic sources
  • Screen - Assess the content of new affiliate applicants for suitability and insights
  • Verify - Check content is live on authorised sites and linking to the correct landing pages

Contact us to discuss monitoring your affiliates' websites, PPC ads, Telegram messages, social media profiles, and video streaming channels today.

Head of Affiliates

"We take compliance and responsible gaming incredibly seriously at Comeon Group. The Rightlander tool is very easy to use, providing automated reports to ensure that our affiliate partners work with us in a compliant manner and is key to a successful affiliate program. The Rightlander team is very supportive, helpful and a joy to work with."

Head of Affiliates


Vice President Strategy

"Ensuring regulatory compliance and responsible affiliate marketing practices are vitally important focuses for Income Access and the wider iGaming industry."

Vice President Strategy

Income Access

Head of Compliance

"As a CySEC licensed online broker ForexTB puts a strong focus on marketing compliance.  Partnering with Rightlander has helped us to govern our brand internationally across different marketing channels, and quickly resolve any concerns identified.  The team at Rightlander were very approachable, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs."

Head of Compliance


Head of Affiliates

"Kindred Group puts responsible gambling and sustainability at the very core of our business. The Rightlander technology provides automated reporting that allows the Kindred affiliates team to quickly identify where and how our brands are being promoted, ensuring that all partners are aligned in their marketing approach."

Head of Affiliates

Kindred Group

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