Compliance Monitoring and Brand protection

Rightlander is the authority in affiliate compliance monitoring with solutions for brands of all sizes

Compliance Monitoring

15m+ affiliate, social media and illegal web pages scanned every month in multiple territories

Risk Detection

Reduce the risk of illegal or non-compliant activity for your brands

Save Time and Money

Expert guidance, simple to use tools and management reporting help save time and reduce costs

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What we do

Rightlander helps brands stay compliant

Rightlander scans millions of pages across affiliate sites, social media and illegal websites every month. Our software analyses links, text and images reporting potentially non-compliant content that could pose a risk to your brand via an easy-to-use interface. Coupled with our friendly support, training and education program, Rightlander takes the hard work out of affiliate compliance monitoring, saving your staff huge amounts of time and reducing your company’s exposure to risk.

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What we offer

Rightlander provides industry expertise to our clients to assist them
in their affiliate compliance monitoring.

Compliance Monitor

We detect non-compliant content about your brand (incorrect marketing assets, missing terms and conditions, outdated offer terms and creative).

Compliance Live

Track real time non-compliant advertising during live events such as football matches, currently available on Bundesliga and Premier League.

PPC Monitor

We monitor and report on PPC ads that could be harmful to your brand. This could be brand bidding or for non-compliance.

Rightlander Radar

Rightlander Radar is a unique service which informs our clients when we discover their brands mentioned in marketing messages that contravene compliance guidelines and pose a threat to your licence.

Why choose us?

Keep on top
of Compliance

Reduce the risk of illegal or non-compliant activity for your brands with Rightlander’s affiliate compliance monitoring software.

Protect your
brand Globally

Scanning 15m+ affiliate pages from within multiple territories including the UK. Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Various US states and most other regulated territories.

Save Time, Reduce Costs

Manually checking millions of affiliate pages takes a vast amount of time and resources. Dramatically reduce costs with Rightlander’s automated scanning tools – designed to detect issues.


Rightlander is the authority in compliance software and scanning.