Email marketing is a cost-effective channel for reaching large audiences with targeted content. Rightlander ensures that affiliates who are approved to advertise via email are doing so in a compliant manner. 

Scale Email Marketing With Confidence

Most emails reach their target audience, regardless of age or location, and can eclipse social media engagement rates. As such, it is critical that affiliate email campaigns build trust through approved and compliant content. Rightlander helps clients to identify and review potential risks so that you can scale your email marketing with confidence. These risks include, but are not limited to, inaccurate offer terms, non-compliant messaging, unapproved copy, the inclusion of time sensitive calls to action and content that does not follow brand or product guidelines.

Adhering to Advertising Regulations in Email

Highly regulated verticals, such as financial services, have the highest email read rates. This increases the importance of having a strong governance process for marketing partners who promote your brand. Whilst customers increasingly expect value-add from authentic and interactive emails, affiliates must not forget that their emails must adhere to laws on data protection and privacy such as the GDPR in the EU. In addition to checks of email copy, Rightlander can also flag the lack of an unsubscribe link, privacy policy link or a physical mailing address.

Our Analysts Review Subscription Content

Affiliate compliance issues can arise from subscription content that is hidden from the public eye. In some cases, a strong understanding of marketing compliance and an in-depth knowledge of regulated products is required to identify potential concerns. Rightlander Radar utilises a team of in-house analysts to monitor subscription content, such as direct marketing, membership emails and regulatory bulletins, to notify clients when high risk cases of unethical or deceptive marketing are identified.