Instant Messaging

Instant messengers are amongst the most downloaded and used apps globally and collectively have billions of users. Rightlander helps brands to monitor advertising content placed on popular services such as Telegram.

Proliferation Of Telegram Users

In 2020, users turned to Telegram in large volumes looking for alternatives to mainstream providers due to privacy concerns, government intervention and the lure of additional security. This has presented affiliates with an opportunity to expand their reach by tapping into channels with unlimited followers and using Telegram's one-way messaging channels to broadcast promotions. 

Identify The Commercial Link

Rightlander monitors different types of content used in instant messengers to ensure that marketing guidelines are followed and that regulatory obligations are fulfilled. This includes analysing text for brand mentions and non-compliant phrases and the use of emojis that may mislead users. Detecting affiliate links, however, presents brands with the commercial information needed to connect an instant messaging channel or user with an affiliate. This allows the necessary corrective action to be taken when unapproved or damaging content is found.

Public Or Private Messages

Some public instant messaging channels prohibit interaction, even though functionality such as feedback bots and polls is available. Participation in private channels can also come at a fee to users. As a result users may be encouraged to interact with affiliates via direct message. Where possible, Rightlander will analyse, record and report infractions across public and private channels that match your monitoring criteria.