Screen Applicants

If done to a high standard, the process of approving affiliates can be very labour intensive.

Rightlander helps to automate the screening of affiliate content before they are approved to your affiliate program to reduce the risk of brand damage and low quality traffic.

Association With Red Flag Content

Naturally advertisers will select affiliates with specific business models. Once determined, in addition to validating information provided on an affiliate's application form, Rightlander help advertisers and affiliate networks to screen affiliate websites for red flag content such as extremism, hate speech, illegal/prescription drugs, pornography, profanities and gambling. If affiliates do use dubious content it may be in a subtle text link rather than a large branded ad, and so a comprehensive evaluation of an affiliate’s content is required.

Association With Competitors

In addition to screening text based references, Rightlander also analyse tracking links and their resulting landing pages. In doing so, clients can screen an affiliate’s content for active links to other merchant landing pages and tracking links for different affiliate netw​​orks. These insights may be useful for determining the suitability of a​​ new partner or when looking to enforce the terms of an exclusivity agreement.

Stand Alone Or Via A Rest API Integration

The Screen product can either run as a stand-alone product or be integrated with your affiliate aggregation platform or marketplace to provide a fast overview of an affiliate's suitability to work with your brand when they sign up.

Typical Use Case

A brand wants to know when an affiliate applies to promote them that they are safe to work with.

The moment the affiliate enters their website or channel on the application form, that URL is sent to Rightlander via our Screen Submission API where a pre-agreed number of pages are scanned for fully customisable categories of "red flag" content (see above), typically 100 - 200 pages. The results of the scan can then be requested via the Screen Retrieval API within a few minutes, showing detail of any content likely to cause an issue to the brand.