Social Media

Social media's low barriers to entry, content creation tools and analytics make it very appealing to affiliates. Rightlander helps advertisers to monitor affiliate content for misleading, unapproved and non-compliant marketing.

Balancing The Risk:Reward Of Social Media

Social media presents advertisers with many benefits such as increased traffic, improved brand loyalty and immediate customer feedback.  However, the proliferation of social media content and speed in which trending posts are viewed presents advertisers with a significant marketing compliance risk.

In a lot of cases, monitoring specialists like Rightlander will be unable to analyse content that is shared in private groups or messages. However, most content shared publicly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok can be scanned automatically. As such, Rightlander can help you to identify risks such as inaccurate offer terms, non-compliant messaging and content that does not follow brand or product guidelines.

Transparent Influencers and Celebrity Endorsements

Influencers and celebrities are very influential for building brand awareness and reaching large audiences on social media. Over the last few years, consumer savviness and new regulation has required affiliates to be more transparent. Influencers and celebrities advertising via social media must make it clear and obvious that they are targeting consumers with an identifier such as "Ad" or "#ad". In some cases, affiliates who are not approved to market on your behalf still use #ad as a way to heighten their status. Therefore, brand associations must also be checked for authenticity and compliance.

Identify Live Exposure and Discover Traffic Sources

The need for affiliates to get traffic from outside of the main search engines is increasing. Social media provides this opportunity for affiliates to quickly share discount codes, referral links, and promote a product or service. Rightlander can help advertisers to monitor publicly accessible social media content to validate your affiliates’ live exposure and to report any unapproved traffic sources by finding affiliate links.