The global reach of millions of active video streamers and billions of hours of video content poses a risk to brands, especially when consumed by younger audiences. Rightlander helps advertisers to identify and analyse videos across YouTube and Twitch for brand mentions, non-compliant content and reputational risk.

A Growing Risk to Brands And Regulated Industries

Billion dollar acquisitions and accelerated growth during the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the profile of video streaming as both a significant opportunity and a risk to brands. Across YouTube and Twitch, the most popular streaming platforms, brands must tackle significant volumes of new and historical content to ensure that their marketing guidelines are followed and that regulatory obligations are fulfilled.  

In regulated markets, government efforts to eradicate unlicensed and illegal activity can quickly be compromised when streamers promote the wrong content to millions of followers.

Identifying Videos With Potential Risk

YouTube and Twitch is available in most countries and most languages around the world, and as a result millions of unique streamers create content each month and billions of videos are viewed every day. To help assess risk, Rightlander identifies videos that promote your brands across Twitch and YouTube's top streamers and then present this data with supporting analytics to prioritise evaluation of the content. 

Evaluating Hours of Video Content

Manually analysing hours of video content is impractical. To address this, once relevant videos promoting your brands are identified, Rightlander applies speech recognition technology to report exactly where high risk phrases are being used within a video. This focuses your time on reviewing the audio and visual content that poses the most risk.