Spelinspektionen Takes Aim at Illegal Operators

The regulator responsible for overseeing the gambling industry in Sweden, Spelinspektionen, have produced a document, detailing their strategy in dealing with those companies and operators that operate illegally within the country.

The full strategy titled “The Gaming Inspectorate’s work against illegal gaming activities online strategy”, which can be viewed in full here, details how Spelinspektionen plan to deal with operators who are flouting their regulatory and licensing framework.

Taking a lead from the Dutch Gambling Authority, Spelinspektionen will be collaborating with regulatory authorities in other jurisdictions to achieve their aim. With any and all actions taken, being published in full on their site.

The purpose of taking this action, was clarified, with the Swedish Gambling Authority, stating: Unregulated gambling has serious consequences for society, e.g. in the form of lost tax revenue and an increase vulnerability to problem gamblers.”

With the Swedish Gambling Authority further confirming the need for co-operation with other regulatory authorities by commenting: The Gaming Inspectorate enters into agreements with foreign gaming authorities (MoU) in order to create the conditions for information exchange and collaborations.”

“If anyone who engages in illegal gambling activities in Sweden has a license in another country, the Gaming Inspectorate wants to create conditions for the exchange of information on this and thus make it possible for other countries regulators to act.”

Only recently Spelinspektionen and the UK’s Gambling Commission signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which was covered here on Rightlander on 4th December 2019.

The purpose of this strategy now being undertaken is to ensure that any and all operators that wish to operate in Sweden have the necessary required license or licenses to do so. Thus ensuring players are protected sufficiently and that gross gaming revenue generated is taxed accordingly.

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