To assist you we have provided answers to some commonly asked questions about our products and services.

What Does Rightlander Do?

Rightlander provides a dedicated website compliance monitoring tool that is widely used by operators in the iGaming and Forex industries to monitor affiliates, social media and ad platforms for non-compliant content that may result in 6 or 7 figure fines for operators.

What Territories Does Rightlander Cover?

Most of our scanning is currently performed in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the USA however we also scan for clients in Holland, Austria, Finland, Norway, Greece, Italy, Australia (NSW) and several other regulated territories. We can scan in most non-Asian languages so get in touch if you have a specific requirement.

Who Is Rightlander For?

We work for a mixture of large and small operators who are responsible for ensuring that their digital marketing strategy remains compliant within the markets they operate in. We also provide scanning for some affiliate networks to ensure they are aware of where their sites are non-compliant so that they can be pro-active in correcting issues and expired promotions.

How Much Does It Cost?
Why Is Rightlander Different To Other Compliance Tools?

Non-compliance threatens an operator’s licence in multiple jurisdictions and Rightlander recognises that accountability for affiliate compliance should be kept very separate from incentivized marketing roles. Our compliance tool is a stand-alone product that scans the web like a spider, collecting new pages, deep-scanning websites and social media platforms and performing incredibly complex multi-event searches on each page.

Rightlander scans an average of 8 million pages a month across multiple platforms and websites, including affiliates, Facebook and social platforms, “infringing” websites from the police archives and sites that use 3rd party advert disseminators. Nothing is perfect and no tool will ever find 100% of everything but Rightlander is close as you will get.

Common Questions

Can Rightlander scan Telegram? No

Can Rightlander scan Apps? Not currently

Can I rescan sites whenever I want? Rightlander can scan up to 20 manually entered sites in the dashboard

Does Rightlander scan daily? No, the scan cycle runs over the course of the month

Does Rightlander take screenshots evidencing the non-compliant advertising? Not currently

Does Rightlander scan social media? Yes, depending on your requirements, we can scan:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Twitch TV
  • Live streaming sites

Does Rightlander do image scanning? Our scanning technology looks for images on affiliate sites that link or mention to your brand(s). These images are presented in a report that can be viewed either daily or weekly to identify any non-compliant content. Our development team are currently working on improving our image scanning capabilities with the use of Optical Character recognition (OCR). This will enable us to scan text, logos and other items within images. Your account manager will be in touch soon to let you know when this technology is available.

Does Rightlander monitor PPC ads? Yes. Rightlander’s PPC Monitor add-on looks for infringing content by using parameters such as keywords, phrases, geography and frequency to identify infringements across PPC ads. We can search within most Google jurisdictions and use localised versions of the search engine and the appropriate language.

Can Rightlander pick up ads during live streams? Yes. Rightlander’s ‘Compliance Live’ is an add-on service that specialises in monitoring live events that are time sensitive. This is a new addition to the Rightlander set of tools and is currently being implemented to monitor non-compliant advertising during live football streaming for the Bundesliga and English Premier League.

Do you offer support? Yes. We offer a few levels of support. One of our dedicated account managers can take you through the software and answer any questions you may have.

  • Live chat is now available during business hours, so you can speak to our team as and when needed.
  • Resource Library: We are in the process of building a resource library which will offer all existing customers, the opportunity to log in and retrieve up to date information regarding rules and regulations by country.
  • You will also be able to find video tutorials explaining how you can make the most of the Rightlander software.

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