Meet the Team

Rightlander is the authority in compliance software and scanning.

Who we are

Everyone learns from experience. Jumping out of a tree as a youngster dressed in a blue cape and punching the air was the sad moment that immediately preceded the even sadder moment when I realised that I wasn’t born with superhero tendencies, so when I started Rightlander it was pretty obvious that I’d need back-up. Luckily, twelve years as an affiliate and a good deal longer in other roles meant that I had come to know some pretty awesome people down the years, so I rounded up a few of the best who I knew I could trust to do a first rate job. Read more

The Team

ian sims
Ian Sims
laila walker
Laila Walker
Account Manager
nicole mitton
Nicole Mitton
Head of Customer Success
andy parsons
Andy Parsons
Business Analysis
jonathan elkin
Jonathan Elkin
Sales Director
shenaly amin
Shenaly Amin
Head of Marketing
brean wilkinson
Brean Wilkinson
Product Advisor
aparajitaa rao counter
Aparajitaa R Counter
PR & Communications


Company Culture

The Rightlander team are a close knit bunch. We work hard to achieve our ambitious business goals. So, whenever we get the chance, we like to get together and do something social. Sometimes that can be meeting for a meal or drinks. Other times we might try something different like indoor golf, escape rooms or paintball. It is our belief that a healthy mix of business and pleasure makes for a successful company.