Rightlander Partners with Trade Nation to Enhance Affiliate Compliance and Protect Brand Integrity

Strategic partnership aimed at ensuring affiliate conformity and optimising program effectiveness

by Aparajitaa Rao-Counter | 19 Sep 2023
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LONDON – 19th September 2023 —Rightlander, a leading affiliate marketing compliance platform, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Trade Nation, an award-winning international broker. The collaboration is designed to ensure that all affiliate sites associated with Trade Nation adhere to their partnership guidelines and local regulatory standards, thereby optimizing the performance of their global affiliate program.

Rightlander’s cutting-edge technology will provide a comprehensive audit of Trade Nation’s online affiliate content, actively flagging websites that misrepresent their brands or operate without proper authorisation. Trade Nation’s assessment of any live infractions found will be centralised in Rightlander’s online customer portal alongside any subsequent efforts to resolve those issues. This process will help maintain brand integrity, protect the business from untimely complaints and ensure that only authorised entities are promoting their services.

By doing so, Trade Nation aims to provide a consistent and high-quality user experience, while also ensuring that its affiliates are compliant with the specific regulations and guidelines that govern their activities.

“Our partnership with Rightlander aligns perfectly with our mission to maintain global brand standards and adhere to local advertising regulations. We aim to optimize the performance of our affiliate program as well. This collaboration represents a proactive step toward safeguarding both our brand and our customers from undesirable experiences and potential fraud," says Tony Sharpe, Chief Strategy Officer at Trade Nation.

Jonathan Elkin, Sales Director at Rightlander, commented, “We are excited to partner with a forward-thinking brand like Trade Nation. Our ultimate goal is to provide them with the tools they need to maintain brand integrity and compliance. With increasing regulatory scrutiny in various markets, our platform will enable Trade Nation to stay ahead of the curve and focus on what they do best—providing a high quality trading experience to their customers.”


About Rightlander

Rightlander is a state-of-the-art advertising and affiliate compliance platform that allows advertisers and networks to identify potentially non-compliant content across different territories. It does this by scanning affiliate content from within the target market, looking for events or conditions defined by clients and regulators, and sending alerts when it finds content that meets those conditions.

Launched in January 2018, the Rightlander.com product has expanded rapidly into multiple territories around the world and is used by many high-profile advertisers, affiliate networks and regulators to help them keep on top of their affiliate compliance responsibilities.



About Trade Nation

Trade Nation is a global trading platform offering a range of financial products, including Forex, commodities, and indices. Committed to providing a transparent and user-friendly trading experience, Trade Nation places great emphasis on customer service and regulatory compliance.


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by Aparajitaa Rao-Counter
19 Sep 2023