Rightlander Q and A: Marketing compliance and the role it plays towards greater regulation.

by Shenaly Amin | 14 Aug 2020
2-min read

This week we were joined by regulatory intelligence expert, Harrison Sayers. Harrison has been a Journalist at VIXIO Regulatory intelligence going on 2 years and has been a part of the iGaming industry since 2017. VIXIO Regulatory intelligence is a trusted independent source of intelligence on fast moving regulatory developments within the gambling and payment industries. 

When it comes to gambling compliance issues, how important a role do you think non-compliant or misleading marketing messages play in inviting regulator scrutiny on an operator? Sayers says affiliate marketing is always going to be an area of concern until we see this area being licensed. The Gambling Commission needs to put more focus on affiliate marketing and take control of online advertising and social media. According to Sayers, it appears that regulators are now looking to make a move towards a direct affiliate licensing regime.

When looking at marketing towards “self excluded” problem gamblers, it seems this still remains an issue even after several fines being handed out earlier this. According to Sims, this is largely down to the fact that regulatory bodies such as the Gambling comission, have little knowledge of the technical aspect of advertising within affiliate marketing. They tend to look at content on face value and fail to recognise the technical process and targeting going on behind the scenes. 

In the USA, where affiliate licensing has come into play it looks like there is a certain element of complacency, however Sayers believes operators still need to be in control of their affiliate marketing, and still have a responsibility within this area. 

To hear more about the affiliate marketing and it’s affect on regulation, watch the full interview:


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by Shenaly Amin
14 Aug 2020

Shenaly heads the Marketing team at Rightlander.