The state of marketing compliance in iGaming in Europe

Rightlander's study reveals widespread marketing compliance infractions in mainland Europe's iGaming industry, highlighting misuse of risky language and targeting vulnerable populations.

by Brean Wilkinson | 30 Apr 2024
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Rightlander's recent review of marketing compliance in iGaming in Europe unveils the scale and types of non-compliant marketing content found in 2023.  

Analysing data collected from its network, the study revealed that the use of risky language that could encourage reckless behaviour was the highest issue detected, with just under 100,000 instances recorded. 

Other key findings in the review included:

  • Over 89,000 instances of life-changing terms used in marketing
  • 59,000 campaigns with time-sensitive calls to action
  • Over 9,000 campaigns aimed towards self-excluded individuals
  • Denmark and Germany recorded the highest overall marketing infractions

The UK was omitted from this study and will have a separate report to follow.

The report highlights the importance of enhancing compliance frameworks and implementing continuous monitoring to combat misleading advertisements and protect consumers from harmful outcomes.

Total number of infractions detected by Rightlander, separated by type

Total number of compliance infractions detected by Rightlander in Europe during 2023, separated by type

If you'd like a copy of the full report please contact [email protected]

by Brean Wilkinson
30 Apr 2024

Brean has worked at Rightlander since 2017 and has contributed to several of the company's studies into compliance marketing.