The state of Marketing Compliance in iGaming in the UK

by Shenaly Amin | 24 Jun 2024
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A study by Rightlander, using scanned data from its network, has revealed the scale and types of non-compliant marketing content detected in campaigns targeting the UK iGaming market.
Analysing data collected in 2023, the study identified a total of 1.32 million marketing infractions. Key findings from the study included:

  • Over 389,000 instances of life-changing terms found in marketing campaigns
  • 189,000+ campaigns with time-sensitive calls to action
  • 9000+ campaigns missing the 18+ and potentially targeting an underage audience
  • Over 1400 campaigns promoting unlicensed operators to UK audiences

The study highlights the importance of monitoring advertised content to identify and address non-compliant material. It encourages a collaborative effort from all stakeholders to reduce these practices moving forward.

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by Shenaly Amin
24 Jun 2024