Which US states are set to legalise online gambling in 2021?

In the past decade, Americas attitude towards gambling has changed. And 2021 could be the year that sees exponential growth

by Shenaly Amin | 25 Jan 2021
1-min read

Legal online betting is quickly becoming a reality in the United States. Most US states have had legal online horse racing betting for several years now, but more recently we are starting to see individual states legalize additional forms of online betting such as casino games, poker, daily fantasy sports and lotteries.

Broadly speaking, gambling is not illegal in the US. There are no longer any federal laws banning gambling, as long as it does not take place across state lines or involve an online betting platform based in the country. 

For the most part, the US government leaves it up to states to make their own rules about gambling within their individual boundaries. That means that whether gambling is legal and what forms it can take vary depending on where you are in the US. 

That said, states are free to make their own laws around gambling, and many have enacted some form of restriction. While only Utah and Hawaii ban all forms of gambling outright. With more states set to legalise online casino and online poker in 2021, this should make for a very interesting opportunity for the USA.

by Shenaly Amin
25 Jan 2021

Shenaly heads the Marketing team at Rightlander.