Why Rightlander scans affiliate sites

Being an ex-affiliate and VIP player, Ian talks to us about compliance and its place within the iGaming industry.

by Shenaly Amin | 28 May 2020
2-min read

iGaming operators have been handed the responsibility of ensuring that their affiliates market them in an ethical and trustworthy manner. The issue they face is the time it takes to monitor this across millions of pages. It only takes one affiliate, influencer or marketer doing or saying the wrong thing to have severe repercussions for the operator, leading to a heavy fine, closure of an affiliate program or loss of licence.

Operators in regulated territories now must go through a more stringent selection criteria and nurture a relationship of trust between affiliate and operator.

The first hurdle is getting accepted and there are now several software offerings that vastly speed up the process for operators of assessing affiliate sites prior to acceptance into a program. Once accepted, affiliates are then equally reliant on the behaviour of other affiliates to protect the affiliate program or indeed, the operator. It is in everyone's best interests that all affiliates behave in an acceptable manner.

Best practices

A lot of compliance and marketing is common sense. The art is to manage a prospective customer's expectations, which also means ensuring they are given the correct information and if appropriate, balanced opinion with no ambiguity. This is the reason that so many travellers use Trip Advisor and comparison sites to make decisions.

As ex-affiliates ourselves, we know that a webmaster's nature is to be suspicious of any crawler or bot that visits their website, but we also know that among the scrapers and marketing bots there are ones that offer benefits. Search engines are a prime example and in regulated markets such as finance and iGaming, compliance crawlers are also beneficial

Rightlander regularly discusses the application of compliance guidelines with our clients. After a somewhat flustered start, operators are now much less heavy-handed in all but the most severe instances, giving the affiliate a chance to rectify any issues.

Of course, that depends on the operator finding the issue before the regulator but that's exactly why the clear majority of operators now use tools like Rightlander to identify this information quickly

by Shenaly Amin
28 May 2020

Shenaly heads the Marketing team at Rightlander.