Compare Offers

Staying abreast of competing offers can help advertisers to refine campaign strategy, improve brand placement and gain a competitive advantage.

Rightlander automates the reporting of competing offers within a given vertical by frequently scanning affiliate websites, competitor websites and search results.


Seamlessly Evaluate Your Competitors Activity

Competitors can disclose useful information about their products and services via their offers, which can be updated frequently. Rightlander helps advertisers to crawl and extract relevant data from affiliate and competitor websites to provide an insight into marketing tactics. This, in turn, helps advertisers to understand their relative competitive advantages, assess competitor strategies and inform new strategy development.

Analyse Competing Affiliate Strategies

To optimise your affiliate program, Rightlander helps advertisers to analyse competitor brand exposure in Google.  By monitoring popular or specific search terms, Rightlander identifies highly ranked affiliates and flags which competitors they are promoting.  If required, we can also provide information on how to contact a specific affiliate.

Let Us Do The Hard Work

Extracting and assimilating competitive intelligence across different website formats can be time consuming.  By collating targeted data into a centralised resource Rightlander remove the effort of having to update and distribute untidy spreadsheets so that more time can be spent making decisions.