Engage Affiliates

Recruiting affiliates is critical when investing in performance marketing.

Rightlander helps advertisers to quickly uncover highly ranked affiliates in Google with information on how to contact them.

Uncover New Opportunities

Rightlander makes it easier for advertisers to identify new affiliates who rank highly on Google for popular or specific search terms that you are not optimising your campaigns around. We will help you to understand which of your brands an affiliate is promoting and the exposure across their websites. If required, we will also provide information on how to contact a specific affiliate.

Expand Existing Partnerships

In some cases, Rightlander will identify sites that are owned by an existing affiliate but are not featuring your brands. This presents an opportunity for deeper engagement and more opportunities to convert referring traffic. To optimise search performance on specific terms, you can also identify affiliates who are not advertising on those terms and request that they make the necessary changes to support your goals.

Focus Your Time On Decision Making 

Where other solutions focus on delivering data, Rightlander saves you time by analysing the data for you and presenting opportunities. New affiliates and partnership expansion opportunities are presented with affiliate tags, along with a record of the other websites an affiliate owns and how they rank for each page and keyword. Through a proactive email alerting system, Rightlander will also notify you when competitor brands are being promoted by affiliates on chosen terms.